Unleash the inner artist in you
Selas is a studio specialized in graphic innovation powered by artificial intelligence
our mission
To become the primary outlet of AI-generated visual content on all the internet, and to allow anyone to create, upload & monetize this content

Discover SCRYPR

Scrypr is Selas’ new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language giving you the creative freedom to make your own unique, royalty free HD images.

Bringing generative art to the blockchain

Selas has developed unique capabilities on the web3 ecosystem, and a range of services for brands & collectors who want to experience the metaverse.

  • Generative NFT Avatars

  • Smart Contract Creation

  • Personalized Minting Platform

Selas’ Foundation grounds its commitment to the contemporary arts within a technological perspective.

Driven by its mission to serve the public, ‘Selas Fondation’ is committed to making art and culture accessible to all. We partner with young talented contemporary artists to co-create unique collections & interactive experiences where we leverage both artificial intelligence and physical artworks of the artist

Our tools tailored to your needs

We propose & implement our unique AI technology for brands to produce in no-time powerful Intelligent Creative, royalty free & truly unique images.

Powerful Moodboard generator

Iterate infinitely to create

Customized Merchandising tool

Iterate infinitely to find the perfect design for your new product

Social Media marketing visual generator

Create content in seconds to animate your social media

They generate images with our tools

Meet the team

A pluri-disciplinary french team bound by the same love for Arts, Culture & Technology

Benjamin Trom
Deep Learning Engineer
Romeo Incardona
Deep Learning Engineer
Antoine Aparicio
Leonard Strouk
Blockchain Engineer
Alexandre Lavallée
Nathanaël Ghisalberti

Our partners

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